Results of research

Initial results from a scientific investigation of the public’s perception of the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau and its regional economic effects area are already available.
The studies were undertaken in 2010 and 2011 by the University of the Saarland and the Science and Technical University of Kaiserslautern on assignment form the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Transportation and the Biosphere Association. It took the form of polls.
They demonstrate that the local citizens associate the “Biosphäre Bliesgau” with ecological, economic and social-cultural objectives: The statements “The Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau helps to protect nature in the region”, “The Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau will have positive effects on marking products from the region”, “The Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau will increase identification with the Region Bliesgau”, received the highest values for agreement.
It was possible to identify regional economic aspects (marketing regional products and tourism) as significant tasks and objectives whereby the topic of regional marketing was viewed by those asked as the most important job in the rural part of the Biosphere Reserve.

That the Biosphere Reserve is actually showing an effect here is demonstrated by interviews with producers of Bliesgau products, who report increasing sales figures. For example, the sales in the Bliesgau-shelf have shown a very good development. Add to this that customers who buy products from the Bliesgau-shelf also ask for them directly from the producers. “UNESCO recognition was a big help in marketing our products”, says Environmental Minister Peter. “It opened the doors to the large retail chains.”

Another important result was that the Biosphere Reserve was not perceived as a limiting factor by the majority of those questioned. Overall, more advantages than disadvantages were see from the distinction. Admittedly, many are requesting more information and explanation. Effekte liegen bereits vor.

Presentation of the quantitative study

Presentation of the qualitative study

Interim report on the qualitative study


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