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We live in a time in which fresh strawberries and asparagus at Christmas or crispy apples and pears in May are taken for granted. Fruits and vegetables are produced at low costs in far away places, often for very low wages and in massive quantities. The route to the consumer is correspondingly long and not always easy to trace. This violates all principles of social and environmentally sound management as well as the ideals behind the biosphere concept. Successful regional marketing in contrast insists on eco-friendly production of regional and seasonal foods, processing in the region to the greatest extent possible and the most direct sales possible to consumers in the immediate vicinity. Admittedly, the range of products from regional producers depends on harvest and growing times, but in return you get fresh products of especially high quality. The short routes save energy and the routes the products have taken are comprehensible to the consumer. Confidence grows thanks to the many opportunities to grow acquainted with the people who produce Bliesgau-products.



“Short Routes – Great Enjoyment” : Bliesgau Genuss e.V.

“SHORT ROUTES –GREAT ENJOYMENT” is thus the motto for the regional marketing initiative Bliesgau Genuss e. V. which actively promotes eco-friendly production, processing and marketing of regional foods.The goal of the association is to establish regional marketing as an important, key pillar in Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau and raise awareness for local products. The association sees itself as a forum in which producers, processors, dealers, restauranteurs, conservationists and consumers from the region can develop ideas and projects for strengthening and expanding regional value creation and economic cycles. In order to get regional products to the consumers, the acting parties at the Association Bliesgau Genuss e.V. are taking the same route as the orchard initiative Bliesgau Obst e.V. and the biosphere association Bliesgau: The producers and processors sell their products directly, i.e. ex works, to their businesses, farm shops, at weekly markets and at seasonal festivals and markets or through the Bliesgau-shelves and the Bliesgau-box. Some producers are already supplying selected restaurants in the region.

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