Documentation and results from the internationel workshop on renewable energies in biosphere reserves

Interview with Peter Dogsé (in german) on renewable energies in biosphere reserves 

Interview with Julia Rösch (in german) about a biogas plant in the biosphere reserve Rhön

Interview with Ulrika Lindahl (in german) about new technologies in the Lake Vänern Archipelago Biosphere reserve

Interview with Hans-Henning Krämer (in german) about the Masterplan 100 % climate protection in the BR Bliesgau

Interview with Madrono Cabrestante (in german) about tourism without CO2-emissions on the Philippines

Final report of the entire event


Dr. Gerhard Mörsch (BR Bliesgau, Germany): The biosphere reserve Bliesgau and the masterplan "100 % climate protection"

Ulrich Gehrlein (Institute for Rural Development Research (IFLS)): Renewable Energies in German Biosphere Reserves

Julia Rösch (BR Rhön, Germany): Strom und Wärme von der Wiese? - Biogasanlagen im Land der offenen Fernen

Andrew Bell (BR North Devon, UK): Renewable Energy Decisions

Julio Eisman Valdes (ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation): Providing access to sustainable energy for human development

Asaye Alemayehu (Kafa BR, Ethiopia): Experience of Kafa Biosphere Reserve

Celerino Montes (Reserva de la Biosphera El Vizcaino, Mexico): Clean energies in El Vizcaino BR

Madrono Cabrestante (Palawan Biosphere Reserve, Philippines): Zero Carbon Resorts and Renewable Energy in Palawan Biosphere Reserve, Philippines

Paul Makenzi (AfriMAB, Kenya): Renewable Energies and Biosphere Reserves in AfriMAB (Eastern Africa): Case Study of Kenya

Ulrika Lindahl (Lake Vänern Archipelago Biosphere reserve, Sweden): Test and demonstration of sustainable transport solutions and energy systems

Summary from the working groups presented by Lutz Möller


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